Brand Story

In 2018, Shunde Roofing Supply began its journey, setting its cornerstone in the roofing industry. We started with a mission for quality and service and a vision to become one of the leading entity in the field of roofing materials. Today, located in the vibrant city of La Puente, our warehouse sprawls over 40,000 square feet and we are also looking into expanding into new location in the near future. This strategic location not only facilitates the storage of a vast array of materials, it also enables us to efficiently and promptly deliver these supplies to neighboring cities.

Founded on the principles of reliability and dedication, our brand name embodies the profound essence encapsulated by the Chinese word 德(Dé). This Chinese character, 德, encapsulates a rich tapestry of values encompassing virtues such as integrity, moral strength, and excellence.

Much like the multifaceted meaning of 德, our brand stands for trustworthiness, integrity, and a steadfast dedication to delivering unparalleled service. It is this embodiment of 德 that guides us to consistently exceed expectations and establish enduring relationships built on reliability and unwavering dedication.

At Shunde Roofing Supply, we take immense pride in our growth and reputation, built upon a foundation of trust, quality, and a customer-centric approach. As we continue to expand and evolve, our pledge remains unchanged: to be your foremost partner in roofing solutions, providing unparalleled products and service every step of the way.
Thank you for choosing Shunde Roofing Supply as your roofing partner. We look forward to continually exceeding your expectations and contributing to the success of your projects.

Why Choose Us

Variety of Materials

Shunde Roofing offers a wide range of materials such as shingles, tiles, torch, roof coatings and other roofing materials. This variety allows customers to choose materials that suit their needs, preferences, budget, and other requirements.

Quality Products

We source our materials from trusted manufacturers such as GAF, Owens Corning known for their quality, durability, and reliability. Customers can expect high-quality products that meet industry standards.

Expert Advice and Guidance

We train our staff where they can advice and guide customers during their purchase. Any of our staff is able to assist in selecting the right materials based on project requirements.

Availability and Accessibility

We have a big warehouse where we are able to maintain a steady inventory, ensuring the availability of materials when needed.

Cost-Effective Solutions

By offering a range of materials at different price points, it allow our customers to find options that fit their budget.

Warranty and Support

We provide materials from reputable suppliers that comes with manufacture warranties on their products, giving customers assurance and protection in case of manufacturing defects or issues.

Compliance and Standards

We get our materials from trusted manufacturers which ensure the materials we sell comply with industry standards and regulations. Using such materials helps customers meet building codes and passing city requirements for their roofing projects.

Competitive Pricing

We offer very competitive price and special deals without compromising quality. We regularly benchmark our prices against the market to offer you highly competitive rates without compromising on the durability, reliability, or performance of our roofing materials.

Reliability and Reputation

At Shunde Roofing, our extensive industry experience has fostered a reputation built on trust and reliability. After we have set up our delivery services, we have upheld a solid track record of on-time delivery and consistent quality. Our customers rely on us not only for our exceptional products but also for our dedication to meeting deadlines and delivering on our promises.

We offer
delivery service!

We specialize in rooftop delivery services. Our experienced teams are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, ensuring timely and top-quality deliveries for a wide range of roofing projects. You can trust us to efficiently transport your products to your job-site, meeting your timelines with reliability and precision.

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